Thanksgiving 102 Ready, Set… Set!

Why do I consider setting the table to be Thanksgiving 102? It’s not that it’s difficult (although some people have a crazy knack for it—good for them). It’s that it’s something that really shows off a cook’s and host’s real level of confidence… And maybe even competency. Mostly because it proves that said cook had the time, calm, and wherewithal to get real fussy about something totally separate from the meal itself. Those are some skills. Meal-the-while, I will just look at tablescape eye candy below and try and get the food on the table before people start lighting fires in the barbecue and eyeing the dog. Here’s some of my favorites—followed by a couple how-to diagrams from Emily Post towards the end.

 Photos courtesy Laura Dart, Kinfolk Magazine, Bon Appétit, Sous Style, Brooklyn Bride, Tomboy Style

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