Shod in the Dark Ten & Co. Footwear Launches

Friend-of-a-friend and emerging footwear designer Tory Noll just launched Ten & Co, a line of ridiculously awesome oxfords made from various textiles from in and around North Africa. Here’s how much I love these: I had a post scheduled for today (Evelyn Waugh’s hangover cure—stay tuned!), which I immediately bumped to Monday in favor of Tory’s shoes.

Unsurprisingly, there’s a romantic and far flung origin story for these pups. Here’s what happened: While visiting Marrakech, Tory found a small shoe shop and decided to have simple oxfords made from rug scraps. She got so many compliments (and requests!) from them, that she went back to Morocco and whipped up the shoes you see here. Each is handmade of vintage or antique rugs or blankets and are therefore entirely unique—each one bearing the pattern and idiosyncrasies of the original piece.

(Plus, this lookbook kicks a lot of ass, amirite?)

Photos: Adam Hribar
Model: Lauren Williams
Art Direction: Priya Sanghvi + Dan Goldstein
Styling: Leila Thurtell + Eva McCausland

One thought on “Shod in the Dark Ten & Co. Footwear Launches

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